W Hotel Residence, Chile, 2014

The apartment was located in the 14th floor of the W Hotel Residences and has approx 1,500 sqf of interior space and a terrace of 700 sqf. With an open plan and a loft feel, the client still needed some space definition but keeping the open feel in the interior.

What drove the design was the color story I could create from his artwork, the requirement of an open space feel with space definition and the overall feeling ofwarmth the client was after. The color story followed the client's artwork, the open feel with space definition was achieved by creating two partitions with different levels of privacy; towards the study ( his chess room) there is a large sliding door that stays open on a more permanent basis and towards the master bedroom the partition consists of floor to ceiling pivot doors that helps to control the level of privacy depending on the guests or mood of the client. The master bath has a window towards the master bedroom which creates visual fluidity in the space. The feeling of warmth was achieved by carefully selecting the materials of the furniture; velvet and chenille, linens for the walls and leather and warm dark woods for the furniture. 

The terrace spans through all the rooms and opens into a contemplative view of the city.